Bridging the GAP
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FireBridge view from ExcelJust thought I would show the elements that go into the thinking of what it would look like to actually use FireBridge as an Excel calculation t…
Get Ready for outages - Updated 3-21-23
Jersey and Doc Talk Challenge and importance
Read Carefully - Think Climate Change
18,000 feet and 2,000 feet of head, 60 GPM. How many mark 3's Required?

February 2023

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Mark III Capacity IntroductionWatch now (8 min) | Visualizing effects of flow versus head capacity & Corresponding distances
How this relates to the S-211 Hydraulics Calculations.

January 2023

What is an Engineer? Watch now (3 min) | This is a short video that was done to give an idea as to what a wildland apparatus engineer should be able to do and be trained to…

December 2022

Keep the Engine Cooler Valves Closed