Jan 10 • 36M

FireBridge Podcast Session 1

Breaking down the Numbers

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Wildfire BTU & Hydraulics interrelationships for the Engine Operator. Learn how to be more effective with an Engine, SEATS, LATS, Nozzles etc. By matching the heat absorption capacity of the tool you are using to the BTU generation of the fire! This is what we do not teach in Fire.

Fire Behavior Nomograms have existed for over 50 years now and what is surprising is that nearly everyone in wildland fire from the boots on the ground level to the Engine Captain to the IC Type 3, etc, can know how to take full advantage of the information they can present to you to in the field. Teaching folks the other side of the model.

In this very first podcast I read a text message I received and then work to break down the numbers for you. It is suggested that you head over to the wildfireengineer.com website and click the firebridge link, or scroll to the bottom of the page and get the PDF Fire Nomogram file that is updated with hi resolution graphics that can explain step by step on what this is and you can follow along with me. Also on the firebridge.substack page here, download the art of war pdf as well.

Any questions you can leave your comments below or you can email me at hydro@wildfireengineer.com. One thing I am curious of though is how many of you can tell me what the BTU absorption rate of a Forester, 1” kk and 1.5” nozzle can absorb for your area and altitude.

Thank you again and have a fantastic day.

Wildfire Engineer - FireBridge Page

The Fire Behavior Nomograms: Fire Nomograms - pms436-3.pdf

The instruction sheet on the Nomograms:

Faithe Heinsch's instructions